Fight Night

Fight Night training takes place on a Thursday night with a raft of drills and exercises all looking at being in the fight. This is for older juniors and adults and will focus on the physical and mental preparation for combat.

Those joining this class will focus on building their physical resilience and technical fighting skills. The objective is to develop ourselves, physically and psychologically, as human weapons.

New starters are welcome and you can join this class directly without partaking in any of our other training.

Existing participants will find that training at fight night will complement your Ju Jitsu and Self Defence Boot Camp training not replace it.

The training will look at the realities of fighting unarmed and armed and will involve controlled sparring and grappling. Safety of participants will always be a priority and those training will do so to their level of comfort.

Fight Night is on Thursday 8 to 9pm at St Columba’s Church, 503 Manchester Rd, Sheffield S10 4PL.

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