Members Comments

“I’ve trained in a number of martial arts clubs over the last 35 (crikes!) years and have never found one more friendly, more inclusive, more passionate or with as broad a range of skills and knowledge as Ju Jitsu Sheffield.  As my own knowledge and ability has developed and grown, there is always more in Applied Ju Jitsu to learn, and there is always someone at Ju Jitsu Sheffield to show you how. A truly inspirational club that is here to coach you and train with you, not just to make money out of you, and the instructors see you as students and friends, not as customers or commodities.”

“The training has been invaluable for our son. Not only has it improved his coordination and fitness, but it has taught him a degree of self-control. Probably the most interesting side effect is that he has learned that gratification does not always have to be instantaneous, as in video games, but that in working towards a longer term goal the journey can be as worthwhile as the arrival at the destination. “

“Our daughters have been training with Garry for two years and still look forward to and enjoy their Ju Jitsu classes. Garry combines just the right amount of fun and discipline to the classes, which garners great respect from the juniors.  As well as the martial art aspect of Ju Jitsu, Garry stresses the real world implications of the use of martial arts in self defence.  We look forward to many more years of Ju Jitsu with Garry and his excellent instructors.”

“My son has been coming to jujitsu for just over 2 years and is a green belt – red tab.  He is now 8 years old and absolutely loves it.
He had very little confidence and was registered with SEN (special educational needs ).
Jujitsu sessions have really helped build his confidence and the techniques are taught so well that he understands and remembers them.
The instructors are very friendly and make us feel like we are part of a family.
I feel that coming to jujitsu has helped my son in so many ways and has made many friends along the way.
There are many martial art clubs out there but Academy of Self Defence is the only one in my opinion that can actually cater for your child’s specific needs. Children learn at their own pace, some learn faster than  others and Garry makes sure that no child will be left feeling that he/she is left behind.”
“I’m very pleased that my son attends the Academy of Self Defence. The lessons are giving him vital life skills such as discipline, focus and resilience. Learning the Ju Jitsu methodology is obviously the main aim and both the kids and adults learn in a very supportive and safe environment. They also have a lot of fun and the instructors Garry and Jayne are very keen that their students reach and exceed their goals. I have no hesitation in recommending them…”