Training Clothing and Equipment

We can supply all your training equipment and clothing.

Currently we use for gloves, gum shields, groin guards etc.

First take a look in their online catalogue and make a note of the item,  catalogue number, size/colour required and price. Then contact me by email with this information, as I order in bulk there will be no postage to pay and I should be able to deliver the item to you and for around 10% less than you saw in the catalogue.

Exactly the same gear from Blitz, just cheaper as I receive a discount and pass this on to you.

For example Deluxe Male Groin Guards retail at £10.80 (before postage added) but I can supply these at only £8.80 and no postage.

Junior Groin Guards retail at £6.89 I can let you have them for only £5.00

Shin and instep protectors retail at £10.73 but I have these at only £9.00 for medium and large and £8.00 for small and extra small.

Children’s boxing gloves in Red, Blue, Black or Union Jack retail at £24.00 but they are yours for only £19.00.

So for kit bags, leisurewear or anything at all in the catalogue just ask me for a quote.

Replacement belts are kept in stock and can be ordered anytime for just £5 each.

For Gi’s the following prices apply.

Up to size 2 (150cm) RRP £19.99 but we sell at only £16.00

Sizes3 (160cm) and upwards RRP £25.99 we sell at only £19.00