Senior Black Belt

Ju Jitsu – Senior 1st Dan Black Belt

20 different throws of students choice

Counters to: Outer hook throw, Cross hock throw, Inside hock throw, Half shoulder throw,  Full shoulder throw, Drawing ankle throw, Body drop throw (2), Hip throw (2)

Combination throws : Attempted: Body Drop, Drawing Ankle, Inside Hock, Half Shoulder, Full Shoulder, Wrist Lock & takedown

Inside leg sweep

Punch combination to body, body and face (4)

Inside forearm block followed by back fist to ear then throw

Counter measures against: Front snap kick (6), Back kick, Front lunge kick, Inside crescent kick, Outside crescent kick

One handed throat throw

Use X block to stop punch to face and pull opponent onto roundhouse kick or roundhouse knee kick

Three reverse punches to three different persons

Using left and right upward block then throw

Punch combination to body, face and body again (4)

Escape from locks

Ground fighting

Defence against sparring opponent

The open hand and its uses (8)

The hammer fist and its uses (7)

Attacking the eyes and ears (10)

Palm Heel Strikes (12)

The elbows and their uses (8)

Wrist locks (9)

Basic stick work (one stick only) (10)

Revision from previous belts


  1. Combination Throws

(a)       Body drop throw combination

(b)       Inside hock throw combination

(c)       Half shoulder throw combination

(d)       Drawing ankle throw combination

(e)       Wrist throw combination

  1. The Eyes and Ears

(a)       Knuckle strike                                  }

(b)       Thumb strike                                   }

(c)       Finger strike                                     }

(d)       Two finger strike                            }           EYES

(e)       Bottom fist strike                           }

(f)        Gouge front                                     }

(g)       Gouge from rear                            }


(h)       Double cupped hand strike         }

(i)        Double hand grab                          }           EARS

(j)        Single hand grab                            }

  1. Palm Heel Strikes

(a)       Right hand side parry

(b)       Left hand side parry

(c)       Left hand upward block

(d)       Left hand downward block (to punch)

(e)       Left hand downward block (kick)

(f)        Palm heel strikes to chin

(g)       Outer or inner winding throw

(h)       Cross hock throw

  1. Open Hand and Its Uses

Target areas:-

(a)       Temple

(b)       Philtrum

(c)       Throat

(d)       Solar Plexus

(e)       Groin

(f)        Side of neck

(g)       Hinge of jaw

(h)       Kidney

  1. Elbow and Its Uses

Target areas:-

(a)       Side of jaw

(b)       Nose

(c)       Underside of jaw

(d)       Throat

(e)       7th Vertebrae

(f)        Two points on spine

(g)       Kidney (2)

  1. Hammer Fist and Its Uses

Target areas:-

(a)       Temple

(b)       Groin

(c)       Nose (reverse)

(d)       Solar plexus

(e)       Lower abdomen

(f)        Collar bone

(g)       Kidney

  1. Wrist Locks

(a)       Double punch defence

(b)       Double wrist grab defence

(c)       Front wrist take downs (2)

(d)       Push/punch defence

(e)       Punch defence

(f)        Rear shoulder grab defence

(g)       Baton attack defence (2)

  1. Basic Stick Work

(a)       Knife attack defence – single stick

(b)       Wrist grab defence (2)

(c)       Push defence

(d)       Punch defences – single stick